Turkish Airlines relaunches it's flight to Lusaka

Turkish Airlines relaunches it's flight to Lusaka

As part of our continued international economic diplomacy, and in order to fully open up our country for business, trade and investment, we have been lobbying for more flights into Zambia.

It is not long ago that we swore in Zambia's Ambassador to Türkiye with a challenge to actualise these engagements and we have had several Turkish delegations visit us to explore various investment opportunities since then.

We are therefore glad that Turkish Airlines has resumed flights into Zambia. This represents the renewal of non-stop flights from Europe to Zambia and we are looking forward to increased numbers of tourists and business executives coming into our country to explore existing investment opportunities through partnerships with Zambians.

We are working hard to make Zambia a hub for regional and international conferences and major events. Let's show all of our visitors our traditional Zambian love and friendship as we open our country to the world.

Hakainde Hichilema

President of the Republic of Zambia

Date: 29 March 2023

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