Diaspora Policy






The Government of the Republic of Zambia in partnership with the IFC, the private sector arm of the World Bank, has established a Public Private Dialogue mechanism with the view to strengthen dialogue and target impactful reforms for the purpose of innovation, job creation, investment, and economic growth.

 Established on 27th April 2022, the Public Private Dialogue Forum was formed with a view of ensuring meaningful private sector participation in economic development. The forum provides a structured, participatory, and inclusive platform for public private sector engagement on policy, regulatory and administrative matters as the role of the private sector in contributing towards the realisation of the vision 2030 and the country becoming an industrialised and prosperous nation is essential. The Government is resolved to put in place and implement progressive policies and measures that will enable the private sector to thrive and bring about transformation of the Zambian economy in line with the 8th National Development Plan.

In this regard, the Government wishes to call upon skilled patriotic nationals in the diaspora to participate in the various areas of the country’s national development through the Public Private Dialogue Forum (PPDF). The realization of a robust private sector alongside public investment in Zambia's social sectors calls for a coherent strategy driven through a multi-sectoral and participatory  approach. 


To this end, suitably qualified Zambians in the diaspora are sought to participate in the Technical Working Groups (TWG) established to attract investment and spur economic growth in identified sectors. These include Mines, ICT, Energy, Manufacturing, Tourism, Agriculture and Financial Services among others.




  • Subject matter specialists (along the specified economic sectors)
  • Advanced degree at a minimum from a recognised university
  • Demonstrated professional public/private sector experience including product development, innovation and leadership
  • Based in the diaspora or having recently returned to Zambia within a one-year period.
  • Commitment to participate in a minimum 2 working group consultations  per calendar year
  • Global affiliations will be an advantage 
  • Demonstrated experience in influencing public policies (at home or abroad) and processes; community activity and engagement; or being heavily involved in a successful public/community initiative, resource mobilization and/or business venture will be an advantage
  • Familiarity and clear interest in Zambia’s National Development Plans and Initiatives




  • Interested candidates will participate in the appropriate TWG on a regular basis as diaspora representatives to provide value to the proceedings (i.e. intel on sector trends, investment opportunities, strategic insights, etc.). 
  • A report back mechanism to the diaspora will be established to facilitate crowdsourced ideas and expanded intel. 
  • Contribute to the development of digital resources to advance the area of expertise 
  • Interested candidates would be given a one-off induction / introduction to the Government’s key Focus Areas including any additional information such as the Economic Recovery Plan.





  • A succinct two page CV complete with traceable references and contact details 
  • A one page letter stating why you are suited for the TWG, industry/sector specific experience,  and your anticipated value add
  • A formal nomination letter from the representing diaspora association
  • Subject line: PPDF- (ADD TWG SECTOR)




The overarching and primary objective of the Public Private Dialogue Forum is to create a better business-enabling environment thereby harnessing trade and investment opportunities for the private sector locally, regionally, and in international markets. One of the expected outcomes would be an increase in the capacity of businesses to add-value to local commodities, creating sustainable and competitive industries and strengthening value chains, for example. 


The PPDF is designed to :

  1. Provide a structured, participatory, and inclusive platform for public-private sector engagement on policy and regulatory matters.
  2. Leverage partnerships and create synergies towards further developing and strengthening the Zambian economy through a forum of business member organisations, trade associations and other concerned stakeholders, to engage with and advise the government. 
  3. Facilitate actionable change through structured conversations on the extent to which government policies and plans enable a better business environment. 

The work of the PPDF is conducted through Technical Working Groups (TWGs)  which are currently organised along the following sectors: Mining, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Digitization and Media, Energy, Manufacturing, Tourism, Agriculture and Financial Services. With particular emphasis on the Diaspora representation:


i. Members should be nominated as a representative of an established diaspora organisation. 


ii. Members should be capable of providing in-depth technical expertise based on their sector knowledge and experience. 


iii. Members are expected to be champions of change with a high level of personal and professional integrity, able to work with colleagues from other disciplines.

iv. Members will be required to meet their own costs of attending meetings (virtual and/or in person) and contributing to the work of a TWG and will not be paid consultancy or sitting fees.




Applications shall be addressed through Zambian Missions for onwards transmission to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. All requests for clarifications related to the submission shall be made to [email protected].


The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, 30th September 2022.